It’s All about Insulin Function – Help Make Improvements You Didn’t Even Know Were Possible!

In our regular diets, we often take in sugar and other carbohydrates without realizing the potential adverse effects they can have on our health in the long-term. How often do you consume pasta, bread, dessert, sugary drinks, fruits, or even other carbohydrates? All of these foods can increase blood glucose (sugar) levels. This situation is dangerous, and it's important to recognize this fact whether your health is suffering, or you are simply trying to plan for the future.

Here are a few signs to look for:

  • Food cravings—even after you eat, you feel like you always need to eat
  • Feel sluggish
  • Jittery and nervous (anxious)
  • Fatigue (weak, tired feeling)
  • Headaches and difficulty concentrating
  • Frequent urination
  • Increased thirst
  • Blurred vision

If you experience any of the above or feel fatigue after eating, lack the energy to do basic tasks, and snack to no end, there is a good chance your body is not processing sugar correctly. Maybe you have experienced only one of these conditions; maybe you have experienced all of them. Whatever the case, you want and deserve answers.

It comes down to insulin function. Insulin is responsible for transporting glucose (sugar) to your cells as a source of energy (fuel) to be used by the body (i.e., organs, brain, muscles, cells) to function properly, but over time, excessive levels of insulin can make your cells lose sensitivity to this hormone. From there, your body becomes unable to manage glucose and it ends up accumulating in your bloodstream. Having poorly managed blood glucose levels can lead to fatigue, irritability, dizziness, hunger, and weight gain in the short-term and obesity and other serious health complications in the long-term—all of which, diminish your quality of life.

Simple, Easy & Effective

STEMSUGAR® is our advanced ultra-premium formulation, supercharged with a superior blend of nutrients chosen to help increase insulin sensitivity (moving glucose uptake in cells), so you can maintain and support healthy blood glucose levels. It safely promotes healthy insulin function and cardiovascular health, by strengthening blood vessels and nerves, while supporting organ function. The nourishing formula found in STEMSUGAR® will help reduce the absorption of sugar and other carbohydrates in the bloodstream, reducing hunger cravings to aid healthy weight management by supporting glucose uptake in the cells. This way, your food is metabolized into energy for immediate use, as opposed to being stored in the form of fat. Our formula aims to nourish your body with key nutrients that will help empower you with greater energy levels. You will be able to complete all of your daily tasks and achieve a healthier quality of life while enjoying your favorite meals.

Understand Your Blood Sugar to Achieve Optimum Health with STEMSUGAR® for Healthy Blood Glucose Levels

One of the crucial steps to regaining optimum health and energy is keeping your blood glucose levels balanced. The total concentration of glucose enters the bloodstream from the foods we eat (i.e., sugar and other carbohydrates), and the body works to maintain your blood glucose levels, so it's neither too high nor too low. Ideally, your body maintains a stable balance (homeostasis), so it can function properly. Essentially, blood sugar or blood glucose is sugar carried into the bloodstream, and insulin helps cells, throughout the body, absorb glucose to be used for immediate energy or stored for later use, keeping blood glucose levels within a normal range.

Sound a little confusing? Think of it this way: insulin regulates blood glucose levels, a hormone produced and released into the bloodstream from the pancreas, an organ located behind the lower part of the stomach. Insulin helps cells (liver, fat, muscles) absorb glucose to be used for energy thus lowering blood glucose levels. High insulin levels drive sugar into the cells of muscle, fat, and liver, where it’s stored for future use. While low insulin levels drive stored glucose from the liver to be released into the bloodstream, where other cells can use it for energy. Glucagon is a hormone produced in the pancreas; it's responsible for signaling the liver, muscle, and fat cells to release glucose when glucose levels are low in the blood.

Insulin resistance has been linked to excess weight and physical inactivity, occurring when cells don’t respond properly to insulin, causing glucose to be unable to be easily absorbed into the cells. This means the pancreas must work overtime to produce higher amounts of insulin (known as hyperinsulinemia) to help glucose get in the cells and keep up with the demand of insulin because of the excess of glucose in the bloodstream. Consequently, people who can’t produce enough insulin to meet their needs are unable to manage glucose in the bloodstream, causing glucose levels to rise.

STEMSUGAR® – the Safe, Effective Method for Promoting Healthy Blood Glucose Levels

It’s a fact—certain lifestyle factors make it difficult to maintain healthy blood glucose levels since sugar (both added and/or natural) is everywhere in our foods. A bad diet that’s high in sugar and other carbohydrates, a lack of physical exercise, obesity, aging, genetics, stress, and malnutrition may potentially contribute to the unhealthy effects of high blood glucose levels. That is why you can trust STEMSUGAR® as your ideal choice to promote healthy blood glucose levels, help bridge nutritional gaps in your diet and support healhty metabolic functions in the body safely and naturally. STEMSUGAR® contains key health-essential nutrients that become an ally in your journey to get your body and mind where they should be. You can achieve excellent health!


10 Major Nutritional Health Benefits of STEMSUGAR® are:

  • Supports optimal pancreas health and function.
  • Supports optimal liver health and function.
  • Helps boost metabolism to support healthy weight management.
  • Helps reduce the absorption of sugar and other carbohydrates in the bloodstream.
  • Helps support and strengthen optimal heart, blood vessels, nerves, blood circulation, and overall cardiovascular function.
  • Provides deep immune support with powerful antioxidant compounds that defend the body’s cells and tissues from “oxidative stress” damage due to free radicals in your body.
  • Promotes healthy insulin function to facilitate glucose uptake in the cells (i.e., liver, muscles, fat) of the body to be used for immediate energy or stored for later use.
  • Promotes healthy energy, mental clarity, and alertness.
  • Supports healthy blood lipid levels (i.e., cholesterol and triglycerides).
  • Helps boost your body’s ability to maintain and support healthy blood glucose levels.      


20 Powerful Nutrients to Help Keep Your Body in Balance, Healthier, and Active at Optimal Performance Levels

Based on extensive scientific research and the use of just the right clinically studied and tested ingredients, STEMSUGAR® is designed to promote healthy blood sugar levels. It's so effective because it provides the perfect dosage of an all-in-one, highly-effective formulation that helps improve your overall health. Our formulation combines the health-promoting properties of twenty (20) life-enhancing nutrients to help boost your cardiovascular health and naturally support your blood sugar health throughout the day for maximum wellness. STEMSUGAR® uses vegetarian outer-shell capsules (non-gelatin), and it’s vegan-friendly, making it suitable for a wide range of dietary needs. Everyone can enjoy it. For superior and unmatchable quality, this nutritional supplement contains zero gluten or soy, and it's free of other major common allergens that diminish results and nutrient absorption in the body. STEMSUGAR® is the finest quality, most reliable, all-in-one blood sugar support supplement that you can trust. You are getting the maximum support to help optimize your health!

Ceylon “True” Cinnamon – Ultra-Powerful and Effective to Help Maximize Your Health and Vitality

STEMSUGAR uses an exclusive form of cinnamon called Ceylon Cinnamon, also known as “true cinnamon.” A vital, natural, and powerful nutrient that contains both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds to help the body reduce oxidative stress, a type of damage to cells,  caused by free radicals, and help lower inflammation and the risk of chronic diseases. Research has found it most notably helps to support healthy blood glucose levels, cardiovascular health, weight loss, blood lipids, joint health, and among many other health-promoting benefits, including supporting healthy blood pressure levels. This premium form of cinnamon is the best form to consume, and it’s safer for long-term use than the other commonly used, cheap cinnamon, called Cassia Cinnamon, found in other low-quality supplements. Cassia Cinnamon has been linked to liver issues, as it contains a high concentration level of coumarin, which can be toxic when taken in supplements or in large concentration quantities. Ceylon Cinnamon is native to the islands of Sri Lanka, where it’s naturally grown and considered a high-quality, highly-prized spice. Always opt for this type of cinnamon for long-term usage and maximum benefits for improving your health.

Your Heart Loves This Supplement, and It Will Show You Gratitude

STEMSUGAR® helps lower the pressure high glucose levels put on your cardiovascular system. By helping you achieve a proper and more immediate metabolism of glucose, STEMSUGAR® helps support optimal function of your heart, blood vessels, nerves, and overall cardiovascular system health. Maintaining a healthy blood glucose level in the bloodstream is critical because high glucose levels damage blood vessels of all type and sizes, harden arteries and organs (i.e., heart & eyes), and affect your nerves over time, possibly leading to other serious health complications. The health of your blood vessels is essential because they require insulin to pass through them, so glucose can pass from the blood vessels into the cells that need glucose to produce energy. Having high glucose levels in your bloodstream leads to the development of fat that clogs the blood vessels, narrowing and inflaming them and causing them to wear and tear over time. STEMSUGAR® supports your cardiovascular health by promoting healthy glucose levels, helping to optimize your digestion and metabolism of sugar and other carbohydrates, and supporting insulin sensitivity—and when combined with regular diet and exercise, it can help you lose weight! All this positively contributes to helping support the health of your cardiovascular system, so it functions properly. Your best life is just around the corner, aided by a healthy heart and clean blood flowing freely!

The Sweet Side of a Healthy Life

The human body has powerful, complex systems to digest, absorb, store, and utilize sugar (glucose) as its main source of energy. What happens, though, when there’s too much sugar in the body? Diets high in sugar can overload the body, leading to short-term fatigue, overeating, weight gain, and other serious health complications. Insulin works by facilitating glucose uptake into the cells for energy and/or storing for later use. People with insulin resistance or high glucose levels have an inability to produce enough insulin to manage all the glucose in their bloodstream. However, when blood glucose levels are balanced, and blood is flowing steadily and properly, the body can achieve a calmer, healthier state reducing fatigue, mood swings, anxiety, and hunger. Now, STEMSUGAR® is here to help give you peace of mind and help support your blood sugar health for optimal wellness. It’s designed and engineered to promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The results are numerous: you will feel invigorated, your cell environment will be healthier, and your internal body systems will be optimally supported for robust vitality. It also promotes healthy blood glucose levels for fewer sugar cravings, helping to boost metabolism that aids healthy weight management, and leaves you feeling more energized, so your mood and your productivity get a boost all day long.

Can’t Lose Weight? Here’s the Solution!

You’ve heard people say, “Others eat anything they want and never seem to gain weight.” What they don’t say is controlling blood sugar is one of the reasons. The inability to control and maintain healthy blood sugar levels can be the root of the problem, leading many to be unable to lose weight and keep it off. Unavoidably, sugar is everywhere (added and/or natural), and it's hard to avoid in the foods we eat daily. Thus, when insulin levels are too high in the bloodstream, it increases the storage of fat in the fat cells and prevents these cells from being burned and released as energy in your body. STEMSUGAR® is here to help improve the body’s response to insulin with essential nutritional support. It will promote higher insulin sensitivity to facilitate faster glucose uptake into your cells. This helps blood glucose levels and insulin levels reduce in the bloodstream gradually. As a result, this nutritional supplement will help make weight loss easier combined with regular diet and exercise for maximum results. Once you are giving your body the support it needs, you will experience a more manageable appetite; feeling hungry and having sugar cravings less often. Now, you can regain control by enjoying all the positive health benefits of supporting your blood sugar health with a boost of stable energy and faster metabolism that promotes healthy weight management. You will see results and that will help you stay motivated to look and feel your best all day long.


Recharge and Energize for a Better Life

If you run out of energy and feel sluggish during the day, STEMSUGAR® will help give you that extra boost of energy you need to take control and enjoy life to the fullest by simply helping you avoid all the negative effects of high blood glucose levels. This nutritional supplement promotes healthy blood glucose levels, helps suppress sugar cravings, and supports your body with a boost of essential nutrients chosen for their remarkable ability to drive more stable energy throughout the day. With STEMSUGAR® you get the proper nutritive support to help you make healthy choices and lose weight safely when you commit to a healthy lifestyle. This synergistic formula combines the unique health-promoting properties of twenty (20) life-enhancing nutrients for the most vigorous results and maximum nutrient absorption. Feel more vibrant, energized, and enthusiastic about life with this all-in-one life-enhancing supplement. It’s perfect for individuals who want to live a healthy lifestyle. With higher energy levels, you can aim higher and expect to reach all your goals. This is the beginning of a new world for you! Feel the difference and feel amazed by experiencing higher energy levels with STEMSUGAR®. Fulfill your goal of living a happy, healthy life!

Taking Your Health To The Next Level With Better Nutrition™

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