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Choosing the Correct Form of Exercise

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All forms of exercise are not right for all people. Unfortunately, many people who are starting a program do not consider this before beginning their program. When this happens, they set themselves up for injury and failure. Exercise is vital to healthy living, but too often, people do not choose the correct form of exercise. To choose the correct form of exercise, you must consider numerous factors. These factors include your current physical condition, your goals for your physical condition, your age, which forms of exercise appeal to you, and where you prefer to exercise. You must also consider how much time you are willing to invest in your exercise routine. It is important to explore each issue before you begin any of exercise program.

Your Current Physical Condition

Visit your doctor and talk to him or her about your current physical condition. Ask what exercises are right for you—and which exercises you should avoid and why. Surprisingly few people pay attention to this recommendation. Unfortunately, many of those people regret skipping this step because they end up suffering from things like strained muscles, fractures or even heart attacks.

Your current health condition should always be considered before choosing the form of exercise you intend to pursue. You may want to get into weightlifting, but you cannot start lifting two hundred pounds if your muscles are not strong enough. You must work up to that goal by starting with less weight. You may have to start without lifting any weights, instead building your muscles through push-ups or other forms of exercise. These factors must be well thought out and discussed with your doctor, so you do not hurt yourself.

Your Goals for Your Physical Condition

Are you trying to build big muscles or do you want to gain strength? Do you want to lose a great deal of weight or drop a few pounds? Your physical goals have an impact on the type of exercise you will need to do to achieve those goals.

Consider what you are trying to accomplish then research the forms of exercise that can help you reach those goals. Take into account how quickly you want to achieve those goals. Different types of exercise offer different results in varying amounts of time.

Your Age

You may be a spry 80-year-old and still able to keep up with the younger folks when it comes to physical activity, but that does not mean you should do so. Have you had a bone density test to ensure your bones are strong enough for the exercise you enjoy? How are your joints? What is the condition of your heart?

As much as everyone hates it, aging wears down the body. If you are active, you may not realize how much your body has been worn down until you suffer an injury. This is yet another reason that checking with your doctor before beginning an exercise program is so important.

Forms of Exercise that Appeal to You

There are probably forms of exercise that would help you reach your goals, within the period of time you prefer, but if it isn’t something enjoy, you probably will not stick with it. Do you enjoy walking but hate running? Do you like soccer but hate football? Why do you dislike specific exercises? These types of questions are important when considering exercise programs.

If you want to stick with the program you select, you must enjoy the activity. You may think to find the exercise tolerable, but not necessarily enjoyable, is sufficient, but this is not so. If you genuinely enjoy the exercise, you will be inclined to participate in it more often than you would if you only find it tolerable.

Where You Prefer to Exercise

Some people have a problem exercising in front of other people. For those people, a gym is out of the question. This also means various exercise classes should not be considered.

If working out at home is important to you, you must purchase the equipment you need to do your chosen exercises. You can also buy DVDs so that you can follow an instructor in your home. Additionally, you must determine whether you prefer to exercise indoors or outdoors and how the weather and seasons in your area will affect your exercise.

Your Time Investment

Time is our most precious commodity. Because of this, many people find it difficult to devote enough time to any beneficial exercise. This makes the exercise a waste. Small amounts of time invested in exercising rarely produce any measurable success.

How many minutes and how many days do you need to perform your chosen exercise for it to be effective? This is something you need to discuss with your doctor because what is right for one person may not be right for the next person. If the suggested time does not work for you, ask your doctor if the time can be divided into sessions throughout the day. If not, you may need a different form of exercise.

Exercise programs, sold on the market or taught in classes, are not right for all people or all physical goals. Avoid purchasing classes, videos, or equipment until you are sure you have chosen the correct exercise for your current condition and your physical goals.

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