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The Top Three Improvements You Can (And Should) Make to Your Diet

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There’s no question about it – most people are unhappy with the way they look. Perhaps you’d like to squeeze back into your favorite pair of jeans. Or maybe you saw some recent photos of yourself and didn’t like the image staring back at you. To top that off, the way you see yourself on the outside can play a part in how healthy and fit you feel on the inside.This article provides you with simple dietary changes that will improve health and aid in weight loss.

It’s no secret that going on a drastic diet to lose weight often results in the opposite effect – weight gain instead of loss. When you make changes to your diet that you can’t stick with over the long run, your body is bound to revert to its pre-diet status and perhaps even cause you to put on a few pounds. If you’re considering a diet, consider taking baby steps to improve your health and well-being. Here are a few small ways to help you stick with your diet.

Drink More Water. Water plays a crucial role in weight loss, flushing the body of all the broken-down fat cells. If you don’t have enough water in your body, your body can’t burn fat efficiently, no matter how hard you exercise. Of course, water is incredibly healthy for you to drink. Drinking more water provides you with additional energy and fights off minor aches and pains, such as backaches and headaches. As the water flushes the fats and toxins from your body, you will start to feel and look better. Your skin likely will appear younger and more radiant.

Also, water is a natural appetite suppressant. Studies have shown that drinking a glass of water before a meal, may reduce the amount of food you consume in that meal.

Cut the Caffeine. Caffeine is a natural diuretic. So, at first, you may notice a reduction in bloating and excess water in your body. However, with frequent consumption of caffeinated beverages, such as coffee, tea, and some sodas, you will start to notice the opposite effect. As the caffeine flushes water from your body, you will be more prone to dehydration. This can result in difficulty losing weight, as well as toxins building up in your body. Drinking more water would be a better choice.

Caffeine is also a stimulant, increasing your heart rate, blood flow, respiratory rate, and metabolic rate. Too much caffeine can affect your sleep cycle, causing fatigue. You may also notice nausea, anxiety, tension, and other adverse effects. So, that little pick-me-up you get from a quick cup of your favorite caffeinated beverage can have many harmful side effects. It may be making you feel bad on the inside, as well as look bad on the outside. So, when you’re reaching for something to get you through the morning or afternoon, try some ice-cold water instead. If you don’t like the taste of plain water add a slice of lemon to it.

Trim the Fat. Many people consume far more fat on a daily basis than is necessary for good health. In fact, excess fat in a diet is a primary cause of obesity, which can increase your risk of heart disease, cancer, and many other serious ailments.

With so many products lining the supermarket shelves and each one showing its fat content, it’s easy to trim the fat in your diet if you devote a little time and effort to it. You may not be willing to eliminate the cream-filled delights from your diet. Perhaps that sweet tooth has gotten you in trouble with diets in the past. But consider that there is likely a much healthier snack option you can substitute and maybe even one that you enjoy as much.

Avoid the impulse to make a huge switch from Twinkies to rice cakes. That is a change most people won’t be able to live with long term. Instead, start with switching to a lower fat (and preferably lower sugar) snack option. Perhaps, the better alternative is sitting next to the cream-filled goodies on the store shelf. It’s merely a matter of taking a few seconds to turn over the box and read the label.

Then, when you’re ready, make additional changes to your diet. Switch to a lower fat salad dressing, reduced fat chips, and maybe even a leaner cut or type of meat. If you make this simple change to the type of foods you are eating and then gradually make small improvements to your diet over time, you will be able to adjust to and live with these changes. You don’t even have to cut portion sizes (at first anyway) to start seeing and feeling results!

These are small steps you can take to improve your health and well-being on the inside, so you feel better about how you look on the outside. After you’ve adjusted to these changes in your dietary habits, make a few additional changes periodically, so you are continually improving your diet and health.

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